Chef Recs

The equipment, tools, and ingredients you need to level up in the kitchen. Real recommendations from real chefs.

Equipment to Level Up in the Kitchen


Culinary geeks, rejoice!

Tools for Seitan

A few versatile, multipurpose tools to keep on hand.

Essential Espresso Equipment

Everything you need to make a barista-quality beverage.

Feed Your Passions


Raise your game with these essential tools.


Inspiring titles that celebrate the diversity of food.

Modernist Cooking

Siphons, sous vide, spherification, and stuff. 

Sharpen Up: Our Favorite Knives

Really nice sharp, stabby things.

Something to Sip On

Coffee and Tea

Brewing basics and beyond.


Shake things up.

Our Resident Experts

The ChefSteps team are a bunch of chefs, scientists, writers, photographers, and video makers who love to cook and feed people.