The next generation of high-performance precision induction. 
Now available exclusively through ChefSteps.

The NEW Control Freak Home induction cooker allows you to control your entire cooking experience to the exact degree*. 


Now available, exclusively through ChefSteps**.


Studio Pass member price: $999.95  

Non-member price: $1,299.95  

(Studio Pass members save $300!)  


*Temperature stability (+/- 1 °C/1.8 °F).

**Limited quantities, while supplies last.

Contro Freak Home
Grant Crilly holding a Control Freak Home.

The Control Freak Home is a range with range. Sear, braise, steam, fry, poach, confit, sous vide—do it all with precision and ease.

Control Freak Home

The original Breville Control Freak is the gold standard for commercial kitchens.


The new Control Freak Home delivers the unmatched cooking performance of the original in a smaller, quieter, and more affordable machine, designed for your home kitchen.

The Control Freak Home uses the same revolutionary components as the original Control Freak to deliver the same unrivaled induction cooking performance.  


The Breville engineering team carried over the custom 10-inch copper coil, through-the-glass sensor with dual NTC for (+/- 1 °C/1.8 °F) accuracy, 3x heat intensity control, dual NTC temperature probe, tough ceramic glass surface, 1800W power, and dual fan cooling system into the new Control Freak Home.  


We made it nice and made it twice.

Control Freak Home Coil and Sensor
Control Freak Home Screen

The Control Freak Home brings the precise temperature control of sous vide to your stovetop. No guessing, no fiddling with burner knobs. Exacting cooks deserve exacting precision.


The revolutionary through-the-glass sensor is equipped with two NTCs that measure the surface temperature of your pan 20 times per second, allowing you to set and hold any cooking temperature between 77–482 °F for up to 72 hours.

Heat intensity control allows you to control the rate at which the Control Freak Home gets up to temperature. Perfectly seared steak and unbreakable béarnaise? No problem.  

The temperature probe also features two NTCs, giving you even more control over the cooking experience.  


Use probe control to control the temperature of the ingredients in your pot. Fry, poach, confit, sous vide, and caramelize with complete confidence and precision.  


Or use the probe to monitor the internal temperature of your food as it cooks. Dial in your preferred doneness for steaks, chops, seafood, and more.

The Control Freak Home features a brand-new color touch screen that puts precision at your fingertips.  

Control Freak Home Timer

Take control with manual mode, find the perfect temperature for your ingredients, explore techniques to dial in perfection, or build your own custom presets.

The Control Freak is built to withstand a commercial kitchen environment, with a thicker shell, powerful cooling system, and IPX3-rated water protection.


The Control Freak Home is smaller with an easy-to-use touch screen interface—so you can unlock chef-level precision with a tap of a finger. Check out the full spec sheet to compare models.


Studio Pass members will get a special price of $999.95. That’s $300 in savings off the non-member price of $1,299.95.

Control Freak Home: Heat vs Temperature



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Steak searing on a pan on a Control Freak Home.